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Every human on the planet eats food. Food is what powers our body to efficiently carry out life-sustaining bodily processes. When it comes to sports, what you eat plays a large role in how you perform and recover. In terms of Sport Nutrition, there is a big difference between "Feeding" and "Fueling". If an athlete just focuses on feeding their body, they will miss important nutritional needs necessary to sustain the high level of performance they wish to attain. Fueling combines eating the right types and amounts of food while implementing nutrient timing, to fuel your body to perform whatever physical performance is required that day as well as aiding in proper recovery. Food is more than just calories. The nutrients in food help the body in many ways such as supporting the immune system as well as aiding in injury recovery, muscle soreness, and concussion rehabilitation. Restricting calories and eliminating food groups can lead to important nutrients being excluded from the diet and can increase the risk for injury and impaired performance. As an athlete, if you want to step up your athletic performance, how you fuel your body is just as important as the time spent on sport-specific practice. 


Sport Nutrition Resources

Check out some helpful resources in the field of Sport Nutrition

Created by one of the top Strength Coaches and Specialist in Sports Nutrition, this course walks athletes through specific nutritional needs for thier sport, season, and body type. The easy to use nutrient calculator helps you learn and implement how to fuel for your sport.


Critical Reload Performance Nutrition Level 1 Course

This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.


Essential Sports Nutrition: A Guide to Optimal Performance for Every Active Person

This is a great resource for the newly retired athlete who is transitioning into adult life without the structure and support of college athletics.  This book does a great job explaining how to take charge of things like nutrition and exercise once you have finished your athletic career.


The Healthy Former Athlete

By: Lauren Link, RD, CSSD

Director of Sports Nutrition at Purdue University

NutriSearch is a search engine to use for nutrition-based questions.


All sources are reviewed first to make sure that they are evidence-based sources. 

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