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Group-based nutrition seminars instructed by a Licensed Registered Dietitian. All sessions are 1 hour and include a 45 minute interactive presentation on a single topic, a 15 minute Q&A session, and personalized handouts and resources for each attendee. 

*Minimum of 10 people per seminar unless noted otherwise

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Nutrition Team Talk

Equip your athletes with the knowledge of how to properly fuel their bodies for optimal sports performance and the skills to navigate their nutritional needs in life and athletics. Team talks allow your athletes to learn about a specific topic that will aim to impact their athletic performances, while also considering what stage of their life they are currently in. 

Nutrition Seminar: Coaches & Parents

Group nutrition education seminars for coaches or parents provide adults that guide and care for athletes the opportunity to learn more in-depth about their athletes’ nutritional needs for both sport and personal health. These seminars can be tailored specifically to coaches or parents, discussing the roles each play in their athlete’s nutritional needs and how they can better help educate their athletes on what they can do to reach their optimal performance levels.

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Sport Nutrition Course

5 live sport nutrition educational team talks, each building off the previous, to provide your athletes with the resources and knowledge they need to optimize their nutrition and sports performance. The 5 courses will be the same format as single team-talks, with a 45-minute interactive presentation followed by a Q&A session. Each athlete will also leave with handouts and resources relative to that class session.

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